Wednesday, March 10, 2010


More iterations of the "Neat Beat" pants, which was item #17 from Ottobre 6/2009:

AnnaBeth is going to be in a musical theatre production in April, and is supposed to wear black jazz pants. Since I knew without stepping foot in a store that it would be tough to find a pair that fit her (if they're long enough, then they're too big around the waist), I ordered some of the black doubleknit Sophia fabric from, thinking it would be soft enough to be acceptable. I made these up as shown in Ottobre, with the wide front yoke.

And pair number 5 of our "Neat Beat" pants is in khaki, since AnnaBeth is supposed to wear khaki pants as part of the "official" Girl Scout uniform. Also, khaki pants are just a handy thing to have. I got some of the Wrinkle-Ease twill from JoAnn Fabrics -- more expensive than their regular twill, but also much softer (used the ubiquitous 40%-off coupon). I added an extra centimeter to the waist-to-crotch length, and an extra centimeter to the leg length of these. Also, raised the waistband and added side pockets.

And used Hello Kitty for the facings.

I think we are now DONE with this pattern. Soon the weather will be turning warmer (today was over 70F!) and she'll be in capris, shorts, and skirts for the next few months. But I feel pretty good about making 5 items off of one pattern.


Ami said...

I know you'll go 'aww pshaw' but I think you're very talented.

And I'm really glad that you share pics but don't lord it over those of us who are a little challenged when it comes to stuff like that....

mermaids said...

love the pocket facing ;)

Weaver said...

very awesome!

my kids get flannel pj pants with no pockets. me=very plain sewer. you=AMAZING!!!

km said...

I LOVE the surprise kitty in the pocket! I'm going to have to learn to modify a pattern from my mom before she's not around to help me sew. You're doing a fantastic job.