Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

What's going on here:

1. Sneezing. When the maples start to bloom I start to sneeze.

2. Hairballs. Another sign of spring -- the cats shed, and Black Cat starts hocking up hairballs all over the place. Good times.

3. Sewing. Thalia wants a hot pink pencil skirt for Easter. I found a pinstripe gabardine in the clearance section of JoAnn Fabrics -- $3 per yard.

I started laying out the muslin yesterday (making a muslin because, let's face it, pencil skirts never fit correctly right off the bat). And it's still sort of laying there

while I sneeze.

4. Finally delivered the Girl Scout cookies to the homeless shelter. They count towards the Feinstein Challenge tally for the shelter, so they also get $61 to spend on other food. Cool.

5. Getting AnnaBeth ready for camping this weekend. Highlight: needed boots with 1 inch heel for horseback riding (a Girl Scout Council rule around here -- no clue if other Councils have this rule); found a pair at Goodwill for $2. Woosh! Lowlight: she's apparently bent on destroying herself before she goes -- so far she's had a spectacularly huge bug bite on her leg (we think she sat on a spider), and as soon as that started to heal she fell off of her scooter and banged up knees and feet. Amazingly, no broken bones from the scooter incident. But each time something happens she panics about the camping trip. I'll be glad when this is over.

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Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well for Annabeth. Feel better soon!