Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The School Year Thus Far

The other day a friend and I were comparing schedules, mostly in terms of having to get kids places at certain times, and she said, "Do you feel like you're on a hamster wheel?" Because that's the way she felt, and our kids do a lot of similar stuff.

And, yes, that's an apt description of this school year so far. If one subject gets caught up, something else flies out the window. We're always scurrying to catch up on something, to make it somewhere on time, to figure out a paper or presentation. The flash drive is missing, the laptop refuses to cooperate, the printer goes berserk, all the pens and pencils disappear out of the container on the desk (along with the rulers and scissors -- you wouldn't believe how many rulers and scissors are missing).

So. That's how life is right now. Just a series of questions about whether such-and-such school subject is finished, and is it possible to work ahead because next week you're going camping or Rick Riordan is coming to town or you have that audition you still haven't picked out music for or you're going over to so-and-so's house for the night or whatever.

I keep thinking I need to get back to the Weekly Reports because I like the way they flesh out my barebone notes to myself about how much time we've spent on which subjects (notes we keep to comply with Missouri homeschool law). But, sheesh, those weeks are flying by SO FAST and one week just sort of blurs into the next.

And right this moment, instead of blogging about school work I should really be organizing how I'll be leading the sewing badge for the Junior Troop next week. Given my general interest in leading badges, my first choice for dealing with the situation is to somehow manage to be hospitalized between now and then so that I can avoid the whole thing.

Wow, DID YOU REALIZE IT'S ALREADY OCTOBER? When did this happen?

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Linda said...

I feel the same way most of the time. It's October?! How many lessons are we behind?! We have to be where, when? Just remember that it beats the alternatives. Do you really even want to think about the alternatives? I have a 10 y/o also, and I think, hey, in 8 years I will look back at all this and laugh, but today it all seems pretty frantic to me. Just know you are not the only one who feels this way. Homeschool...full speed ahead!