Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

A quick roundup of some projects:

Knitting with 34 gauge wire:

This will have ribbon woven through it and become a choker. A close up:

THe Totoro hat. I'm working on the earflaps (that is the flaps that come down over the wearer's ears):

And last night I found a pattern for a skirt like those worn during A Reel Around the Sun on the website, so I printed it out and taped it together during Glee:

Because we've returned to our Halloween idea from a year ago. The kids seem to have a simple soft shoe choreography down, which combines elements of Clarkson's version of Riverdance along with various 3 hands. We'll see if we can pull this all together in about 4 days.

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TaraChristiane said...

Love the in-progress choker. I've always wanted to try knitting with wire and beads but thought it looked a little fiddly. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate. Hope to see the finished product! :-)