Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night was supposed to be a family night. Friday night used to ALWAYS be a family night, with homemade pizza and a DVD (or VHS tape, back in antiquity).

But Thalia got a last-minute babysitting offer. It was one of those offers you can't refuse -- kids are ages 6 and 9, and well-behaved. Essentially, she was getting paid to sit around playing Candyland and bake slice-and-bake cookies. Quite a change up from her usual babysitting gig, which is with the under-2 crowd. She was quite excited to be around kids who can verbalize their wants and needs, and have control of their bodily fluids (no diapers! no random vomiting! no teething pain!).

The rest of us forged ahead with a pizza made in the shape of a pumpkin for those of us who eat pizza.

And the DVD of the week was the new version of The Karate Kid, which we hadn't seen before.

By Saturday, Rick and AnnaBeth were both mightily sick with colds. Rick painted the front porch; AnnaBeth and I slogged around in search of rats to adopt, but, alas, the ones we found were either the wrong sex or else nearly identical to Daphne, our current rat-in-residence (I like to be able to tell pets apart, thank you). Thalia dissolved the shell off an egg with vinegar, preparatory to dumping the egg in various other substance like corn syrup. And then got ready for a costume party, leaving the rest of us at home once again.

Sunday Thalia and I made it to church, leaving the sickly members of the family at home. Later was choir, followed by a trip to a friend's house so Thalia could interview the mother for a paper for her composition class ("We used to do a vaudeville-type act at bars in South County ... wait, where are you taking this class? DON'T MENTION THAT WE WENT TO BARS!").

About 10 minutes after we got home the rain started. Glad we weren't at that big outdoor party we passed (and admired) on our way home.

And, eventually, we were all slammed in the face with MONDAY.

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TaraChristiane said...

The pizza pumpkin is cute!