Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three for Thursday

I'm totally filching this from Bridgett, because I have lists of things-to-do rattling around in my head.

1. Junior Girl Scout sewing badge starts this afternoon. I'm leading it. It will last 2 meetings. Some of the girls are actually Brownie age. I hope to make it through the meeting without stabbing anyone with my sewing scissors (and I'm not talking about the accidental-type stabbing where your scissors slip, if you know what I mean).

2. Also, the Fall Product crap has to be handed out today. This was sort of poor planning -- when I signed up to do the sewing badge these 2 meeting days I didn't realize the Fall Product sale handouts and collections would be these same days. I hope to make it through this without stabbing MYSELF with the sewing scissors. I'm doing it for 2 troops, and the older girls (and parents) know what to do. But we have a boatload of new Juniors who've never been involved in the wonders of a Girl Scout product sale.

3. Halloween costumes! I think we finally have a plan. And it isn't: Naruto characters, lumberjacks singing the lumberjack song from Monty Python, Brave Sir Robin followed by a guy tapping coconuts and a guy playing lute (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), the cast of River Dance, nuclear energy sources, Egyptian dieties, or any of the other ideas you've heard us tossing around over the past few months. This one just occurred to us yesterday afternoon -- we were talking about something, and Annabeth said, "Hey, we could be that for Halloween!" So now we need to come up with hats, costumes, and memorize the script.

Also, Thalia isn't signed up for the Gold Award meetings (huge "oops" there) so I need to figure that out, I need to get a bunch of stuff together for co-op knitting class on Monday, the house is a wreck, the leaves are carpeting the lawn, etc., etc. etc.


Bridgett said...

We're doing the sewing badge in Nov/Dec (mostly december). Is Thalia's gold award by the "old" version or the journey version?

Ami said...

"Fall product crap."

Are you singing the angsty doodle dandy song?