Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch-up post

A quick rundown of what's been going on over the past week....

We were supposed to get 5 new windows put in last Wednesday morning (Energystar windows for the tax credit, replacing some of the windows that had broken sash cords and other issues), but the installer called and asked if he could put them in on Tuesday. So they showed up at 7:30am Tuesday, then tore out and installed 5 windows by lunch time. Woosh! So now we have blind-in windows in the kitchen bay window, which is so very nice. Nighttime shot:

And then it POURED rain on Wednesday morning, so they couldn't have installed the windows then, anyway. So that worked out well.

Wednesday was spent ... what did we do Wednesday? I'm blank on that. Oh, wait! The kids went to see Harry Potter in the morning with some friends -- $5 per ticket at the Creve Coeur AMC 12 for movies before noon. What a deal.

Then Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, was spent at Vi and Chelsea's, which was wonderful. We haven't done that for the past couple of years due to Oireachtas. As a matter of fact, one of the relatives mentioned that he had a coworker up in Chicago for some Irish Dance thing -- aha, that's Oireachtas! It turned out that our relative had sold our dance teacher a new car last month. Small world.

Friday we had Mark and Linda over for supper and then Monopoly. This was the game that gave us the phrase "pants cash" (Thalia hid $500 of her Monopoly money in her pants pocket, so when Rick thought she was short of cash and was charging her for something she just whipped it out, revealing that she didn't need to mortgage property), a phrase that has been used quite a lot in our household. Thus this photo of the historic occasion of the Birth of Pants Cash:

Saturday was spent putting up the Christmas lights. Rick stopped by the store and discovered that they had crab legs on sale, and decided we should have them for supper.

Some of us were hesitant about this.

Sunday at church another mom mentioned in passing that the kids in next week's musical needed to be in costume during that afternoon's rehearsal -- I thought they didn't need their costumes until Wednesday, so oops. And Annabeth's skirt needed to be finished. She's a lead, so the director wanted her all in white. We found a white satin shirt at the Goodwill, but hadn't come up with a skirt. So I had gotten some cheap white satin at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, along with some glitter tulle that was on sale. And made a new rendition of this skirt from 3 years ago, Ottobre 3/2006 #35:

3/2006 #35

Angelic version:

The glitter tulle is sort of sticky in that the other ruffles stick to it and make the hem length look wonky. But it's a nice touch of sparkle, and doesn't look too weird while she's moving around.

Or maybe the hem really IS that crooked -- now that I look at the close-up pictures it looks worse. But considering how quickly I slapped this together, it'll do. We've already turned out attention away from this (even though it hasn't happened yet) to the NEXT big productions -- we found out yesterday that Thalia will be Peppermint Patty in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown and Annabeth will be Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins. I think the performances are in June. Much blathering about rehearsals in the weeks to come.

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