Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Weekend So Far

Thalia went to a formal dance -- her first one. We found a dress at Macy's, but the color needed some punch, so I made a wrap using Vogue 7161 and some cranberry satin that was on sale at JoAnn's. The cutting clerk and I were discussing that it would be a nice wrap for the Christmas season. The c.c. commented that she (Thalia, who was also there) could wear it with a little black dress. I said she didn't HAVE a little black dress.

C.C.: Oh, everyone needs a little black dress.
Me: She doesn't -- she's only 15.
C.C.: Well, she looks older. She should have one.
Me: That's the problem. We'd like her to look her age.

Anyway, I though the stole looked rather like a planaria when it was done.

By sheer luck, it ended up being an okay length -- it didn't occur to me that it could've ended up to be longer than the dress. Also, Thalia took a camera and got nary a single full-length photo of ANYONE (she had gotten ready at a friend's house, so we saw her leave in tshirt and jeans, and didn't see her again until midnight), but someone took this photo which I swiped off of Facebook:

Actually, it was the same mom who also attended the swing dance the next night, and got a photo of a bunch of them right before they left the dance (but before Thalia put her shoes on, obviously):

So, 2 nights of dancing, plus a birthday party for Thalia. In the meantime, Rick took Annabeth Rat Shopping, and they ended up adopting another rat, so we are back to being a 2 rat family. Which is really good, since solo rats tend to be depressed. They also spent hours and hours playing Monopoly.

Tonight: Start putting the Nut Orders in the online system. They aren't due until tomorrow, but I have NO spare time tomorrow.

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Trish said...

Thalia looked so beautiful! Did you get my nut order??? Congrats on the rats too!