Thursday, November 4, 2010

Junior Girl Scout Sewing Badge, Part 2 -- Finished!

Another whilrwind meeting, and we're done with this badge.

Each bag needed 4 yards of cord (2 pieces at 2 yards each). I ended up crocheting these since I couldn't find a decent price on cord I liked. I told people they could change that out when they got home, if desired. Annabeth has decided to crochet pink cords for her bag.

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out how to make 20 cords the same length. Eventually I realized that I should cut a piece of bias tape the length I needed (2 yards), and use that to measure them. Sooooo much easier than toting around rulers and yardsticks, and trying to lay stuff out on the floor.

As I finished them I knotted them in pairs.

And today the Senior scout troop brought their sewing machines to help the Juniors learn to sew. First they practiced basic stitches (regular seaming, basting, zigzag) on some scrap twill I had brought. This fulfilled task #2 A Stitch in Time; plus it gave the older girls a chance to see how much help the younger girls were likely to need. I had suggested to the older girls ahead of time that they might consider drawing the seam lines on the fabric with a marker if it looked like the Junior they were working with was going to struggle with using the fabric guide on the machine.

One girl made an extra little bag for her dog with the practice piece:

Then they sewed up the bags. We pounded in grommets (well, I did), and the girls strung the cord through the bags.

I wish you could see the big grin on her face! They were so proud.

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TaraChristiane said...

I see part of a smile peeking out on that last photo. What a nice project -- I bet the girls will really use these bags too (always a plus... I think I wore the skirt I made in junior high home ec exactly one time)
Great job!