Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Update

Our weekend started out with a Fall Showcase of musical theatre and drama classes on Friday night.

Annabeth's class performed numbers from Newsies. We were all struck by how LOUD Annabeth is. Not a huge surprise if you know our families, but somehow hearing her belt it out on stage takes me off guard.

Thalia's class performed numbers from White Christmas -- this picture is from Snow:

Overall a pretty good show. Afterwards I brought home Annabeth and 2 of her Girl Scout/theatre friends -- one of the girls needed to finish her sewing badge, so we arranged a sleepover after the performance. And the other girl ... well, she was in Scouts and in the performance and a good friend, so why not make it a party? In the meantime, Rick took Thalia and one of HER friends (older sister of one of the Scouts) to a swing dance that was going on during the performance and running until about 10pm or so.

The sleepover crowd was awake by the time we got everyone home from the swing dance and headed to bed ourselves -- about midnight. And when I got up to let the cats out the next morning at 6am they were already up. Wow. So, after they finished up the sewing badge, played around, and we got everyone back to the appropriate parents (although NOT managing to get jackets and toothbrushes to the appropriate homes -- oops), Annabeth wanted to go see Harry Potter with a friend at the afternoon show. We nixed it, being mean parents.

She sat down to read a book instead ...

And spent about 2 hours there in the chair.

The rest of the weekend was spent dealing with leaves, which is always our November crisis. And practicing for auditions on Monday night -- Thalia's age group is putting on You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Annabeth's is doing some sort of rendition of Mary Poppins (oddly, the musical theatre group Annabeth was in last spring also did a version of Mary Poppins). Thalia sang One Life to Live from Lady in the Dark -- her vocal teacher had recommended it as being appropriate for a Charlie Brown audition since the words and music sort of "fit" the characters of Charlie Brown (also, we've noticed the vocal teacher has a thing for Gershwin). She performed the same monologue she had done during the musical theatre summer camp this past summer. And Annabeth sang Wendy from Peter Pan, which I thought sounded alot like It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary from Mary Poppins.

Auditions were last night (Monday night). We spent the day at various classes, did the auditions, and then scrambled to get ready for the contractor to show up in about 20 minutes to install new windows this morning -- it was supposed to be Wednesday, but he had an cancellation, so we bumped it up a day. Speaking of which, I should probably be getting organized for that, seeing as they're going to take over the kitchen in just a few minutes ....

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TaraChristiane said...

Such talented girls! Sounds like you are having busy, but fun days.