Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Belle's yellow dress.  It still needs a hem.  It also needs a petticoat, which I want to have before we start the hemming so we can get an idea of length-when-poufed-out.

Butterick 4320, seen also here and reviewed on here

 It's taken way longer to make than I expected -- I thought it would be done Sunday night.  Sigh.  Various neighborhood drama hasn't helped, as it's been quite distracting.  Oh well.

Mrs. Potts.  I'm planning on making a hoop skirt per these instructions using this soaker hose (which I had to go to various hardware stores to find -- I wanted the flat stuff instead of the 1/2 inch round), and some free white flannel from the fabric charity (shown here under the soaker hose).  The director wants that topped with Hero's skirt (which is the blue one at the bottom of this post) since she thinks the fabric looks like a tea pot.  Mrs. Potts will also wear Hero's bodice.  We'll gather all this in at the bottom for a round look.  And figure out a spout, perhaps using the last 12 inch by 12 inch square of that blue fabric.  No problem to whip that right up, right?

And then on to the Beast's jacket, Belle's blue jumper (I think I need to make up a pattern for that), Gaston's vest, Lumiere's cummerbund, etc.  All by next week.  


Trish said...

Please tell me, when and where!

Gail said...

I sent a Facebook invite.