Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Jr.

After a whirlwind 2 weeks, the show was performed last Friday night.  It was really pretty good, especially considering the cast was entirely 6-13 years old, and they only had 10 days they met to work on this.  Annabeth has really grown as a singer and as an actress over the past year or so.

Belle's opening song.

Mostly I've got costume shots here, since that's the sort of thing *I* looked for on the Internet while trying to figure out how to make this stuff.

Mrs. Potts, back view; see details here and here.  Lumiere and Babette in the distance.  Lumiere has painted flower pots over his hands.

Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Coguette (the female version of Cogsworth).  Also, silverware.  Plates are behind Mrs. Potts; the design painted on their foamboard echoed the colors of her skirt and  bodice.  Coguette's clock is made from foamboard, and has both a front and back ... I wasn't involved in this, so I can't tell you much more about how to make it.  She's wearing a skirt and blouse underneath, and there's some sort of sleeve covering her shoulders.  Chips costume was left over from a previous production of the show.

Another shot of Coguette and Lumiere.  Lumiere's pants were found in the costume department, and were covered with sparkles.  His jacket and shirt are also from the costume department, as are any other dresses, shirts, skirts, etc., I don't specifically mention.

Babette again, wearing a black dress (actually, the KwikSew 3294 from last year) with a long sleeved tshirt, then a tulle skirt with feather boas attached, and one of the bazillion aprons we have in the costume department.  Madame de la Grande Bouche is wearing foamboard costume made in the same manner as Coguette's.

Belle's blue dress (more detail here).  Gaston is wearing a shirt and pants left over from Much Ado About Nothing last month, and the vest made for this play.

Lefou in his shirt mentioned in this post.  The orange pants and vests were found in the costume department.  Thalia liked that these 2 had a mix-and-match thing going with the orange, white and black.

More cutlery.  These costumes are cut from foamboard, painted, and attached backpack style with 1 inch black elastic (the elastic was hot glued with massive amounts of glue, plus touch ups of glue whenever they were used).  Thalia spent an afternoon finding black pants and tshirts for everyone.  That was a crazy afternoon.  Well, they were actually ALL  crazy afternoons, mornings, and evenings -- she spent hours and hours working on this show as Production Assistant, working in some way on just about every costume, prop, and piece of scenery used -- but herding small kids through the costuming process is its own special type of wildness.

Belle said when she appeared in the yellow dress, she could see a bunch of cameras appear in the audience and start snapping.  The Beast was supposed to find long white socks like the guys use for the Shakespeare camps, but, oops.

The Beast's jacket, McCall's 6143, also seen here.  His shirt and pants are also Much Ado leftovers (wow, we've sewn a lot this summer!).

When Mrs. Potts returned to human she took off her spout and her hoop skirt.  This bodice and skirt were originally made for Much Ado About Nothing, seen here and here.

And, of course, another shot of Belle's yellow dress, Butterick 4320, reviewed on Patternreviewcom here.

More general shots of various costumes, mostly during Be Our Guest, which ended with glitter cannons shooting off.  All of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.  

We didn't get any good shots of The Beast in his Beastly makeup.  He has on a half mask, a rather elaborate wig, and fur mitts (Thalia called them  Ferret Twin Babies while she was making them).  All could be quickly removed during his magical transformation whilst the smoke machine and lights provided extra atmosphere.

So, here we are in aftershock, watching movies, taking naps, and generally doing as little as possible.  Thalia is sick, having developed a bad cold as they finished loading out the set.  

What shall we do next? 

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