Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Sewing

Thalia is in a production of Scarlet Pimpernel.  There's a scene that's sort of the equivalent of the Lovely Ladies of Les Mis; the director wanted them to wear camisoles that weren't too revealing.  She's going for a sleazy-without-actually-being-sleazy look, I think.  She also wanted multiple colors if possible.

Good luck finding THAT in a store, right?  

So I used Kwik Sew 2325 and some satin from Hancock's and trim from JoAnn to come up with this:

I plan to serge around the hem in black.  The pattern calls for more trim around the bottom, but the hardest part of this pattern is sewing on the trim.

That was pretty easy to crank out quickly, so I was ready to start something else right away.  And, really, what's  more fun that an Ottobre skirt pattern for girls (03-2010-34 California) out of fun quilting cotton?
Fabric is from the Robert Kaufman collection of Seuss prints, purchased from
After I put all of the panels together I discovered that the skirt front and back were each 4 centimeters wider than the yoke front and back.  I just cut off the difference.  I also took a wider seam on the side seams because it felt like a LOT of fabric.  Also, Annabeth didn't care for the paper bag waist, so I just used one inch elastic.  I faced the elastic channel with the contrast fabric because, hey, why not.  She ended up preferring to flip the elastic down over the yoke.

Just right for someone who's playing the Cat in Seussical the Musical, don't you think?

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