Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Last week was spend ripping up  the bodice I made for Thalia to wear in Scarlet Pimpernel and revamping it -- better bows, better fit for the second weekend of performances.

 Too bad I didn't get many pictures of the production, in spite of spending hours at the theater -- most of  the time I was back stage helping repair zippers.   A while back I read somewhere that zippers aren't a good idea for theater costumes, and I really saw why during this -- we had a constant stream of broken or ripped out zippers.  

The final performance was cancelled because this happened on Sunday:

But it still felt like spring inside because I got started on Annabeth's Easter dress, which is Burda 9697 in some Lisette fabric from JoAnn.


Irene said...

That's a cute little Easter dress. I used to have sewing skills, but I lost them somewhere along the line. My sewing machine isn't working either and needs to be repaired. It's nice to admire someone else's handiwork. You do a good job.

Bridgett said...

Period clothing always makes folks look so grown up. Or maybe she is now!