Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Bits of Easter

We did the egg dying early in the week, which works out well in case something unexpected happens on the weekend; for example, if the rear passenger window of the car got stuck in the down position so the entire door needs to be taken apart and the mechanism repaired after a trip to Auto Zone on Saturday night right before Easter that would probably be really annoying, and it would be nice to already have the eggs done already as well as everything else ready to go early on Sunday, particularly if someone in the family need to be at church really, really early to warm up for singing.

Rat's eye view of the activity:
Note CheezIt box on the table.


Some of Annabeth's creations, including a bacon egg in the foreground.  The Cat in the Hat egg is in the back.

One of Thalia's eggs featured a Les Miz theme.

On Easter Day we all donned our Easter finery:

and our Easter rat:

Rat group photo during the family photo shoot:
They love the boxes from those Dove mini ice cream bars.  It's a real sacrifice to keep eating all the little ice cream bars to keep the rats supplied with fresh boxes, but we're generous that way.

Cat that wandered through:

Easter Baskets, featuring flip flops, sunglasses, umbrellas, socks, duct tape, and various treats:

Then over to the relatives for the annual Easter luncheon and Peep cake:

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Ami said...

Love the peeps cake. :)

And how impressive that the rat can take photographs!