Saturday, April 27, 2013

Final Three Who Dresses

Okay, finishing up the little Who dresses for Seussical, which have been made using McCall's 6418.

The Eloise-style Who:

More fabric yoyo mania:

Thalia wanted one with a long droopy bow in front, so I switched up and made a Peter Pan collar:
(We may cut the ends shorter depending on the wearer's ability to stand on stage without messing with those long ribbons.)

The final three:

Previous dresses made from this pattern here.

Aaaaand, this part of the process is done!  Next up, make the hair clips for the 11 girls wearing the dresses (2 other moms made the other dresses).  The clips will have 3 yoyos of varying sizes, the same as on the center dress in the photo above.  Also, a couple more stacks of yoyos have been requested for older Who top hats.

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