Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Scarlet Pimpernel is opening in a couple of days, and as of last weekend they didn't have enough dresses for the wedding scene.  Thalia suggested I make one for her.  The director wanted lime green, but JoAnn didn't have any lime green satin when I went on Saturday night, and I was determined to do buy fabric there since I had all of my 50% off Coupon Commotion coupons in hand.  So I went with celery.

I used the basic pattern from the Wicked Witch costume from 2011's Wizard of Oz.  A quick skirt, which has some cream brocade that I found in the basement -- I think it originally came from the charity fabric place for use, perhaps, in a Shakespeare costume or some other theater production -- okay, really, I have no clue why this piece of fabric exists in our house.  Anyway, it sort of works with the satin.

The top includes the same brocade.  I cut the neckline lower.  I purchased a yard of cheap lace, and used the ruffling foot of the serger to make lace for around the neckline.  I just cut a long strip, doubled it over so there wasn't a raw edge along the length of it, and ruffled it; then zigzagged to the neckline.

The sleeves also have some of the same lace.  In this case I used the selvedge to give a finished edge to the bottom of the lace.

And, there you have a dress. But it seems like it needs something more to look French Revolution era.

So, strips of the satin, narrow serging, and BOWS.  In this shot they're pinned onto the front and sleeves.  I think someone tacked them on during a dress rehearsal (another mom asked Thalia if I'd be offended if they tacked down the bows; Thalia told the mom that she'd need to try a lot harder if she wanted to offend me).

I also made a petticoat out of crinoline to wear under it.  It was a truly hack job, but helps the skirt poof out.

In other news, I gave Katie Watson's pattern for Little Hats (Ravelry link) a whirl.  I used size 7 needles, and Cascade 220 yarn. After one trip through the front loader it fits perfectly on a juice glass for blocking.

It also fits perfectly on a cat.

However, we were wanting something that could be fastened to a headband OR a hat for an American Girl doll.  This is too big for the headband idea, and too small for the doll.  So I'll try it again, but smaller.  Or bigger.

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Trish said...

Oh my! The cat in the hat picture is priceless! We need one for Louie!