Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girls' Night Out

One of those banquet thingies at church:

They used to call them Mother-Daughter Banquets, but that sounded like you needed matched sets of Mothers and Daughters. So now they give them names like "Celebration of Women" or something equally weird, so women who don't have kids feel more welcome.

My mom used to take us to these. My memories of them? They were boring, and you got a little cup of mints at your place setting.

You know what? They're still a little dull. And they still have mints, although the mints were tied up in a little tulle bag. The other kids at the table took the bags apart and were wearing them on their heads, or else making little creatures out of them. By the end of the evening, bored little girls were all over the place -- sprawled out on the floor, running through the lobby.

It was still the same after all of these years. Somewhere out there a little girl is storing up memories of being having barely survived the tedium of the evening, just like I did years ago.


kitten said...

I so now what you mean! It looks like your girls still had a good time. Gosh! They are growing up so fast!

Ami said...

I attended a couple of those as a girl.

Yeah, the little cups of nuts and mints. I loved that.

Tara said...

I remember a few of those myself... without the benefit of being able to run around and burn off some energy.
Your girls look so beautiful in their spring finery.