Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend So Far

After finishing up the John Carey workshop, we went to see Riverdance.

It was a different experience. The kids spent much of the show critiquing the dancers, commenting on what John would yell at the professionals about. I have it on good authority that one of the girls in the opening number was off time, that one of the guys didn't kick his bum properly, etc., etc. ... it was like a Monday morning quarterback session, but with dance.

Our seats were in the Fox Club

which is the level between the floor and the mezzanine. It has its own entrance and restroom. Except the restroom was all the way at the other end of the building. So when we suddenly had to go to the restroom at the end of the show (probably due to all of the pink lemonade) it took approximately For. Ever. So we were some of the last ones out of the area.

BUT, the Fox Club entrance is right next to the performers entrance/exit. And by the time we left, the performers were coming out and getting on the bus. I sort of wanted to jump out of the car (we parked right next to the entrance) and ask for autographs, but just couldn't do it. Sigh. I kept thinking, "If Trish were here she'd be jumping out and having everyone get together for some photos. Next time we need to bring her along."

(Trish, if you were there last night taking pictures outside as the performers were getting on the bus, I really don't want to know. But if you're going tonight it's okay, because, well, I'm not there AT ALL so it's not like I'm missing out by being stuck in the restroom.)


Anonymous said...

i wish i was there with you guys last night, the fox club is the way to go. i love the special entrance. i would have made us take pics and get autographs. lol! we are going today with the clarkson group. i don't know if we will go afterward to get pics. i will see if cam wants to do it. i will let you know or you will see my pics!

Weaver said...

Your girls are so darn beautiful!!! sounds like a great night even with the arm chairing :) (sometimes that's my favorite part of an event :))

Tara said...

I love Riverdance, even though I have no clue who is doing what correctly or incorrectly, I just think it's a beautiful show. Looks like you had great seats too!