Saturday, May 9, 2009

So far this weekend ...

Annabeth went to a Percy Party at Central Library.

The brochure said you could come as your favorite character, so:

We couldn't find any orange t-shirts at Michaels, which was a shame -- they had all sorts of colored t-shirts for $2.50 each, but no orange.

We came home and found a HUGE old orange t-shirt with a company logo on it in a drawer. I cut up the side of it, and cut out a new body and sleeves using Jalie 2805, avoiding the logo. I should've used a larger size in the Jalie (I used size K) since the pattern is for very stretchy knit, and an old t-shirt isn't what they had in mind. I kept the hems of the body and sleeves, cut off the neckband and reused it (should've shortened it, but didn't). Then slapped a bunch of iron-on letters on it to spell out "Camp Half-blood". Which started to peel back off, so we stuck them back on with Fray Check.

In the meantime, Annabeth found a black cap, stuck black felt over the logo on it, then a red felt Y over that, taping the whole thing together with double stick tape.

This all took less than an hour.

When we got to the library a girl said, "Hey, you look like Annabeth!'' Yay us!

At the party they made ocean-in-a-bottle (involved glitter and oil in a bottle), painted camp beads, made pictures with scratch-off paper, drank blue punch, and ate blue corn chips.

The down side was that not too many people were there. The weather has been GORGEOUS today, so that was one issue. Thalia didn't go since her choir was doing a mini-tour today. Had she gone she would've needed a black t-shirt that said "Death to Barbie" ... plus skull earrings, time to color her hair black, and maybe needed a silver jacket. We might still do the t-shirt before Rick Riordan's appearance here next Friday.

We apologize for the lack of lava pouring down the climbing wall, which we realize takes away from the realism of the photo.

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kitten said...

You are so creative! I never would of thought of that! You little one is walking right in your footsteps as well! Glad it turned out to be a good day!
Happy Mother's Day!!!