Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

We're getting ready to leave for Louisville tomorrow for a feis. So, lots of laundry, sorting out of shoes, buying of snacks for the road trip and for the feis, etc.

Plus, I'm trying to finish a pair of capris in stretch denim. I'm not feelin' the love for these pants. The stretch denim keeps stretching and stretching ... I lined the yoke, and still had to whack a bunch off the sides. They're taking way longer to make than expected.

Plus, Rick is having people over while we're gone, so I can't leave the place a pit with little strands of thread all over the house. So, cleaning like crazy.

Plus, the big kitchen re-do is probably starting next week. Which is why I'm trying to finish the sewing NOW instead of later next week. And am trying to move stuff out of the kitchen and laundry room into other places. Well, not other places where people will be this weekend while we're gone, so I can't start wildly pitching boxes of food and dishes all over the house. And at the moment I should be throwing stuff out from the freezer, come to think of it.

So far this week Annabeth has been sick with a stomach bug. She spent Monday puking, starting at the moment we arrived at the piano teacher's house. We re-scheduled the lesson for Wednesday, since they have a recital Sunday afternoon. In other words, we're going out of town, competing in dance, getting back late Saturday night, getting up and doing church, etc., then doing a recital.

Except tonight Thalia commented that her stomach wasn't feeling too good. I'm not sure if that's bad news (we'll miss the feis!) or good news (we can stay home and get other stuff done).

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