Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Intersection of Girl Scouts and Irish Dance

This was going to be the summer that we did bunches of Girl Scout larks and camps (larks are one-day events). But, alas, neither Thalia nor Annabeth was interested in any camps/larks that met at a time they were free to go.

By an odd twist, though, we ended up at Girl Scout Day Camp one evening as part of the presentation on Ireland.

And even spent some time teaching campers how to do the Haymaker's Jig.

I'm pretty sure participating in this must count for something or other in a badge or leadership patch. Cool.

Edited to add: The event took place at Gov. Bates house in Faust Park.


Ami said...

That is awesome!

I know when I had a troop they would have loved to see/learn something like that.

And kudos to the dancers who obviously had to dance in a small space and make it look good!

Anonymous said...

This must be the summer of weird scheduling issues... it's been a little like that here. EVERYTHING was scheduled to meet on Thursday evening between 7 and 9. Bizarre.
It looks like all the girls are having a great time and the setting is beautiful.

Trish said...

Where was this at?? It looks really cool!