Wednesday, July 1, 2009

M is for Muny

Every summer since we moved here we've said, "We should really go to the Muny," but every summer we decided not to because ... it's too hot, the shows are so late at night, blah blah blah.

Rick used to go when he was little, but I'd never been, nor had the girls. And it's such a St. Louis thing to do -- the Muny is as St. Louis as the Arch or the Cardinals or Ted Drewes (Ted Drewes has a website? Since when?).

But our dance teacher got a block of 80 tickets to see Annie, and Thalia, Annabeth and I decided to go. Rick declined since it was on a Monday night and he had to get up early the next day.

We got there early and had a picnic supper in Forest Park:

The weather was gorgeous. The food was provided by St. Louis Bread Co.(better known as Panera).

Then into the theatre to find our seats:

Except everyone kept switching around within the block in order to sit with friends

and by the end of the musical we had sat in about 5 different places.

Overall, a great experience. We'd love to go back, especially to see the Music Man. Especially if the weather is as good.

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km said...

What a fun day. I'll have to ask you questions when we study Missouri this year. I looked at the Ted Drewes website...YUM...but it's $90 shipping to get some here.