Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Inching along on getting projects done.

(I've spent most of the week so far in the car, driving/chauffeuring to dance classes, a dance performance, and also Vacation Bible School. Also, running errands. And, by the way, how is it that I've gone to Target 3 times this week so far, and just now realized that we're out of toilet paper?)

McCall's M5882 still needs a little hook at the top of the zipper, and a hem.

It also needs the entire waist tie ripped off and done another way, because doing it according to the instructions gave me a really, really dumpy product. It even looked dumpy on Thalia, who is tall and non-dumpy (I am precariously close to dumpiness at all times, but she isn't; that it looks bad on her tells me that it's the pattern's fault, not mine).

Also, the Mirabella Cardigan has all pieces knit. I did a 3 needle bind off on the shoulders. This isn't what the directions say to do, and possibly isn't the best way to do the shoulders. But I really dislike binding off in stairsteps and then sewing the shoulders together.

Also, the directions say to sew up all the seams before knitting the collar. I think I'd rather knit the collar now before it gets so heavy -- the sleeves aren't attached yet and the side seams aren't done. And I'm on a roll with ignoring directions anyway, so why not ignore these directions, too.

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Anonymous said...

Love that dress! I bet it would look great with no tie and a slim tailored belt... maybe just add a few belt loops to keep it centered.