Monday, October 19, 2009

Snippets of Weekend

Friday night was an awards dinner for Rick's work. It was ... an awards dinner. What else can you say? Not terribly thrilling, not terribly anything but long. Very, very long.

Saturday afternoon we again babysat a 3 year old. Wow, this kid is so cute and so funny! We dragged the rebounder upstairs, and also a bunch of little cars we'd amassed from giveaways. Since it was sort of cool and damp out, we spent most of the day crawling around the floor playing with cars, or else jumping on the rebounder, seeing who could go highest (Thalia's head nearly hits the ceiling).

And we marveled at Purdue's victory over Ohio State. Too bad this didn't happen last weekend when we were in Dayton.

I had checked Elissa's Quest out of the library last week, and read it Sunday afternoon. It's a fun book for girls. It even includes positive discussion of a girl's first menses, which isn't something you see in a lot of books.

I also spent some of the weekend thinking about fascia.

Annabeth's turnout really improved when she tried some myofascial release. Back story: Lisa Howell's Front Splits Fast email for this week mentioned the TFL. Googling to find out what the heck the TFL is, I found this video. You can buy those rollers at Target, among other places.

In the meantime, I was reading Deborah Vogel's blog, and by jumping around various links landed at this cool picture of the fascia that shows the line running from the top of the head down the back to the bottom of the feet. Which is why Lisa Howell suggests massaging your neck and head and feet to maximize your hamstring stretch.

Also spent a fair bit of time poking around on Ray Peat's website, reading articles about high cholesterol as a protective adaptation for hypothyroidism (the sort of weird health information I'll ponder for weeks at a time).

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