Thursday, October 15, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday, Thursday Edition

A quick tour of things going on here:

One sock done, the second is almost to the heel. I had hoped that by waiting a day I'd get some sunshine for a picture, but we seem to be stuck permanently in gloomy-wet-cold mode.

Annabeth is putting together a collage for a Girl Scout project. They're working on the pet badge, and making collages or scrapbooks of animals. Early in the project it looked like she'd be able to glue an actual cat to the board she was using:

But that didn't work out really well. This is what she has left. Thalia wrote the haiku. (Click for enlarging.)

Starting our Halloween decorating:

I cut out these pants 2 weeks ago, and this is how far I've gotten:

Thalia is putting together stuff for a space & astronomy Interest Patch, which doesn't lend itself well to photos. And I'm piling up the stuff for the Fall Product Sale so I can tell the kids about it.

We're also in charge of snacks this week, so I need to go get that stuff together. I feel like I'm taking half of my house to this meeting. Not my idea of a good time, but, hey, that's why I'm not a Scout Leader.


Ami said...

Love the socks. I broke out my wool socks this week, the weather has definitely turned here and it's chilly.

I don't have handmade wool socks, but they're merino wool and very soft all the same.

They used to be gray. Now they're all sorts of different colors.

The Haiku and display are cool... and I think you'd probably be a good girl scout leader.

Anonymous said...

Love all things cat in this post (great haiku!) and the socks aren't too shabby either. One day I'll be able to knit socks... I hope....

Weaver said...

come on... the cat wouldn't stay put? should have found a stronger glue ;)

km said...

Love the cables on the socks.