Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Thalia's Halloween costume requires white sweatpants. We quickly gave up on finding such a thing -- what person who wears a size medium in Women's clothing would ever choose to purchase eye-catching snow-white sweatpants? Sweatpants in those sizes are typically dark and anonymous.

So I'm making a pair. Quickly. Using Butterick 3314 again (used last week as flannel jammy pants). This time I made a dart in the waist line of the pattern pieces so there wasn't as much bulk around the waist, as sweatshirt fleece is a rather bulky fabric.

I still need to put in the elastic:

By the way, the most exciting part of these pants was purchasing the elastic -- when I got to the checkout counter it turned out to be 29 cents per package. I ended up buy 5 packages of it, and regret leaving any behind for anyone else.

Still to come, work on AnnaBeth's costume. We also quickly gave up on finding appropriate sweats for her in yellow, or sweatpants in white (which we would've dyed yellow). So I bought some fleece during the $3.99/yard sale at Hancock's, and will make it up using a tried-and-true pajama pattern:

The 2 colors of fleece are because she will need fringe.

Why fringe?

All will be revealed in due time.

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Weaver said...

hey, I've used that same pattern!!! of course, I still managed to screw up and cut out four right legs the other day. now I have to buy more fabric to cut out left legs because #2 thinks one inside out leg sounds like a bad idea.