Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Jammie pants for Thalia. She's supposed to go on a camping trip this weekend (although she has yet another bad cold, so I'm not sure that's going to happen), so we got out Butterick 3314 and some flannel that we've had around for ages (I think from Sewzanne's about 3 years ago). Cut a size medium, but added 3 inches in length.

This concrete was swept clean of leaves yesterday:

but if I sweep it up again these will quickly replace whatever I haul off:

The gutter had to be done this afternoon because it's going to rain tomorrow:

(And, yes, we know about gutter guards, although I've not seen any that are truly leaf-proof and that you don't have to clean under -- the worst gutter is this low one I can reach with a ladder.) (And, yes, this is pretty much how we spend October and November around here -- trying to shovel our way out of all the leaves.)

Also, put the ghosties up in the yard, which involved crumpling newspapers to make the heads. You'd think the cats would be the ones to play in the crumpled newspapers, but no....

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the jammie fabric!