Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Scene at our house at 9:30am:

We were up early and out the door to walk over to the sledding hill!

Frankly, you have to get there early to have some fun before Those People show up. They drive over here from other areas, and apparently think that since it isn't their neighborhood it's okay to act like jerks. Sigh. What's really disturbing is the parents who drive their kids over, and then act even worse than the kids.

The temperatures seem to be dropping now, so we may have been out during the nicest part of the day anyway. Yay for us for getting up and out early!


km said...

Sigh. What you need is enough snow for sledding, but not so much that those kids get to stay home from school.

Gail said...

We've had that before, and it was SO MUCH FUN that the kids still talk about it years later.

Bridgett said...

Those people!

We all have those people, even here in our own front girls are attempting, with the "good" neighbors, to sled and play in our front yards (city, small, a bit of a slope, funny when you're 8 but would be LAME at 11 or 12)--and the "other" neighbors just opened their front doors and booted their kids outside. Luckily we still outnumber them...