Monday, January 4, 2010


1. It is cold here.

2. The new kitchen passed through the holidays with flying colors. The holiday baking went well. We had a dinner with 4 cooks working in the kitchen -- no problem. We had 2 dozen people here for a potluck, and had plenty of room for all the food (plus enough outlets to plug in hot plates) and room for everyone to circulate.

3. With all the entertaining I didn't have time to sew, which was sad. Instead I spent my spare time reading, which was good. Plus reading doesn't generate such a mess when you're done.

4. We took down the outside Christmas lights yesterday. The cords were stiff from the cold; we dragged everything inside and let it warm up so we could wind up the cords for storage.

5. When people visit they tend to be fascinated by the rats. Except for people who grew up in situations with free-range rats and rodents; those people just think the entire situation is disgusting.

1 comment:

Bridgett said...

I would probably be with the disgusted, having watched cats growing up smash the heads of mice that snuck into the house. Otherwise,sounds like a good time over your way!