Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Things Going on Around Here

I thought that after the holidays we'd be able to settle down into a tranquil routine.

Instead, we've been busy with that creepy basement bathroom, which has now been gutted

and is gradually being transformed into a non-creepy, usable bathroom.

The kids have been ice skating several times this week. The helmet in this photo is thanks to one of the Girl Scout leaders, who insisted on helmets for all the kids (her kids play hockey).

I finished Simplicity 2603 and wore it to a dinner party Saturday night.

And again on Sunday. And Monday. I made the sleeves a little wider so it would go on over a long-sleeved top. And didn't hem it.

Patched up the rat furnishings.

"Do you think they understand that they're sawing off the branch they're standing on?"


Made an alternate set (in girly pinks) so we could wash the first set.

As for school, it's been mostly math and science. Still slogging through the Civil War. Latin has hit the skids. Maybe once the bathroom is done we'll have a return to tranquility and get some other subjects done.

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