Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Swatching for February Lady Sweater using Rowan Cotton Jeans in Hessian.

Back story: I was purchasing a pattern from Jimmy Bean's Wool in anticipation of Vest-uary II, and noticed this yarn on sale. How could I resist? I mean, I was already ordering something.

Cutting out "Wraparound" pinafore tunic from Ottobre Woman 5/2009 (style #7) in a fabric that Thalia commented looked like something from the Delia's catalogue we just got in the mail. Which would have been okay if she hadn't been flipping through the catalogue saying, "Ew, that dress looks like it's for an old lady," and various other comments of that ilk.

Back story: Actually I wanted my next sewing project to be this Simplicity pattern and fabric (I think it's micropoly knit, but I don't recall)

but when I went downstairs to retrieve the fabric it had disappeared. So I figured that if I worked my way through all the knits, eventually it would turn up. I got out this piece, traced the pattern, tried pinning it out, discovered that the fabric had started some sort of a self-shibori and REFUSED to lay flat. So I re-washed it, then pinned it out flat.

In the meantime I found the fabric, but at this point I almost have this pattern wrestled to the ground (note that I'm laying it out in single layers). So I'll finish cutting this, then start on the Simplicity pattern.


Bridgett said...

I was going to do feb lady myself (this is the year of knitting for me-sewing for others!), but the more examples I saw on ravelry the more I realized that anyone over a C cup looked like a big round egg in it...and I am way over a C cup! So it's back to the form fitting cables I go...however on someone thinner it is lovely in person & online!

Anonymous said...

What a great sweater! I can't wait to see your finished product. I agree with Bridgett... it's a pattern for slim people. These days I am more egg-shaped, but it would look wonderful on my daughter!

km said...

I've been playing around with knitting a FLS for myself this February. I thought I'd start on the first and see where I got. But...I tend not to do well when I set myself up with these goals. I like the Cotton you chose. That would be practical around here.