Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Stuff

1. Another pair of corduroy pants from Ottobre 6/2009 #17 "Neat Beat":

Once again I made the front yoke into a waistband and added side pockets.

2. Girl Scout Cookie Rally. I guess these are relatively new around this Council. Thalia was a volunteer, AnnaBeth was an attendee. They have now seen the incentives and decided the stuffed panda looks sort of weird. Overall, though, a fun event.

3. Babysitting for 3 year old on Saturday afternoon. Much playing with Brio train set that is on long term loan from Aunt Elaine. Also, the Littlest Petshop house that Aunt Elaine gave AnnaBeth for Christmas was a big hit. Aunt Elaine has a gift for picking out cool toys.

4. Archery. I grabbed the Kindle on the way out the door, figuring I'd read one of the free books I've downloaded. In this case it was All God's Creatures, which is pretty good (not great, but entertaining) and now costs $6.40 to download. I've decided to keep downloading free books, because it's really handy to just grab the Kindle and know there's something or other entertaining on it.

5. Church

6. Visit a friend's house to try on used ice skates while their 12 week old pekingese ate Thalia's boots. What a cute little puppy -- so hard to be mad at!

7. Choir, etc, during which I worked on transforming a ball of Kidsilk Haze I've had in my sweater drawer for years into something:

I wasn't sure if I wanted to make Wisp from Knitty or simply an Infinity scarf. So I thought I'd do a provisional cast on so I could make Wisp INTO an Infinity scarf. Except I forgot to take the Wisp pattern along, so I'm just making up something as I go along.

8. Cut out a pair of fleece pants that AnnaBeth can pull on over other things (like her dance shorts) when it's bitterly cold.
Although it's already 30F today at 7am, which is warmer than it's been for days and days, and we'll probably be ready to run naked in the streets if it gets much warmer.

Just a few seams and these will be done, though, and we'll be ready for the next cold spell.

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