Monday, November 17, 2008

Oireachtas Preparations

Collars pressed, folded and placed in individual ziplocs:

Collars that have been rinsed, are currently drying, then will be pressed, folded and ziploced:

Two more to go, and this adventure is done.

AnnaBeth's dress bag:

Close up of fabric:

In 2 weeks this will all be over -- Oireachtas 2008 will be history, at least for our region. It's like a giant black blob looming on my mental horizon. I have a mental list of what needs to happen before Oireachtas, what needs to happen during Oireachtas, and then ... apres-Oireachtasis something I vaguely picture as full of rainbows and chirping birds and sunshine and maybe gamboling unicorns while I waltz around like a Disney princess who has been set free from some wicked enchantment.

In the meantime, more sewing to come. We still need dress covers, the kids want to make things for their ceili teams, and I could use another pair of pants. Not to mention that Thalia just came down in the outfit that she plans to wear for Sunday's choir concert, and it needs ... work. Possible alterations (which bother me much less than they used to, since they do not involve vinyl or topstitching or handles) and possible need for an entire new top.

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km said...

I think by now you'd be crocheting collars in your sleep. I can see why for 'apres' vision is so enchanted.