Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

When people see me crocheting they ask how many collars I have done so far, and I answer something along the lines of ,"I don't know, it's all a blur anymore."

I lined them up and discovered that I'm on number 4 of the new batch.

With the 2 I already have done, that makes 6. Only 4 more to go.

Piano equals .5 hour to crochet (other .5 hour for Latin).
Choir equals 1.5 hours to crochet (other .5 hour for Latin).
Archery equals 1.5 hours. to crochet.
Swimming equals 45 minutes to crochet.

I also managed some during last week's Girl Scout meeting, mostly by avoiding helping out with anything. I did spend time looking through the new Journeys material for the Senior Girl Scouts. It's really, really stupid, by the way, but that's another subject for another day.

While at home I've been at the sewing machine attempting to make a dress bag for Thalia's Irish dance dress.

She picked out some green fabric at Hancock's from the 60%-off table. I also purchased vinyl (on sale), batting (on sale, and probably stupid, as I'm wondering why I thought it would be clever to have padded sides), piping, quilt binding, 2 36inch zippers, some webbing for a strap, and a dowel. I still need to cut the dowel.

The flap really does fold over nice and neatly; I took this picture without zipping up the left zipper, though, so it looks wonky. It's been a real seat-of-the-pants operation, making this up as I go along. It's possibly an advantage that I have no clue what I'm doing, as I'm not hindered by the thought that I'm doing things quite incorrectly.

I need to figure out how to attach the webbing for carrying straps. And also make some sort of straps or something that will fasten down the foldover flap.

Then I need to get more fabric, etc., and make another one for AnnaBeth. And 2 dress covers. And 4 more collars.

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Mrs. H. said...

The collars are turning out lovely, and I admire your bravery in tackling the dress bag sans pattern.