Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

Quick entry, since I need to go rake leaves. And remove leaves from gutters. Yuck.

Rick is in the home stretch of painting the family room woodwork.

This is the corner where the computer desk belongs. I haven't been online much lately. Totally missed the sale at Gorgeous Fabrics yesterday, sigh.

And we're starting on Phase 2 of the project, the wallpaper ripping phase. This is the fun part.

Well, it's fun because the people who put up the wallpaper used stuff that tears down easily, and also put sizing on the wall. And didn't paint over the wallpaper afterwards.

These sins have all been committed in other areas of the house, though, so we still reserve the right to call them jerks for putting up so much wallpaper.

Sewing another pair of twill pants, which are ready for the waistband:

I'm using the same pattern as I did for the twill cargo crops, but lengthening it and leaving off many of the pockets. I thought I was using the same twill, but apparently picked up a different bolt at the fabric store this time. This stuff drapes about as well as 70# watercolor paper, and has about the same texture. Maybe it will soften up with a few more washings. I hope.

Knitting Chic Hoodie, which is under the arms and in the mindless stockinette phase:

I love the mindless stockinette phase, since it's so ... mindless. I knit on this yesterday while waiting in line to vote. I wasn't the only knitter in line, either. I hope I wasn't the only person in line to wear sunscreen, as it was sunny, in the 70s, and we were standing there about half an hour.

Sadly, I don't have much time to knit these days. Our dance teacher emailed the other day and requested 10 more crochet collars. She wants the for Oireachtas. Our Oireachtas is Thanksgiving weekend. Which gives me 3 weeks to zip those babies out. Which sort of crimps my plans to make dress bags and dress covers for AnnaBeth and Thalia by Oireachtas, especially since I need to make up the patterns for those items myself. Really, it sort of crimps my plans to do much of anything other than crochet, come to think of it.

Off to rake. And crochet. And tear down wallpaper.

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