Saturday, November 22, 2008

Team Work

AnnaBeth has finished the scrunchies for her dance team.

After she finished and I was tidying up the sewing area I found the blue thread I'd purchased specifically for this project. It was purchased during the half-price thread sale at JoAnn's, and I'd forgotten I'd bought it in the mass of spools of thread I selected. Oh well. The dark blue she used looks black, but it isn't very noticeable due to the scrunchiness of the scrunchie.

(AnnaBeth is dressed in grey in honor of a stray cat that had been roaming around here for several days. The neighborhood consensus was that we needed to round it up and get it to a shelter. Thalia and AnnaBeth wanted to be in on this, of course, and felt a need to dress for the occasion. When we got to the shelter it turned out she had an ID chip, so hopefully she's been reunited with her family already.)

Thalia is working on bunnies for her team.

They have that same dotted fabric on their bottoms, so she can use the blue thread for the hand sewing. Hurray!

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