Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly Report -- Nov. 7

What did we do? The usual stuff. Math. Latin. AnnaBeth did First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease (except on Thursday when the FLL assignment looked exactly like a WWE assignment, so she just did that). French and Spanish. Some science, but not enough. It's never enough science. Thalia worked on Lightning Lit 7.

And read alouds. Five Children and It is done. Burgess Animal Book for Children is done. We are starting the next book in the Five Children trilogy, The Phoenix and The Carpet. We're also starting Heidi. I'm not sure why we're starting Heidi. I think we were discussing goats, and I realized the kids had never read it or heard it read, although they'd seen the end of the Shirley Temple version. Anyway, we're reading it. As we read it I can't help but think how different it would be if it were written today -- a contemporary author would have that little girl abused in no time flat because, you know, cruelty and despair is edgier. You know what I mean. Toni Morrison does Heidi. A disturbing thought.

And all the other stuff we do happened. Lots of other stuff. Piano. Archery. Choir. Dance. Scouts. Swimming. Orthodontist appointment, complete with the stunning news that Thalia gets her braces off next week!. Yes, after 16 months, off they come (her ortho uses SureSmile, which shortened the estimated time considerably). She is very happy that she didn't give the blow pops she got on Halloween to her sister, since soon she will be able to enjoy them herself.

Busy week. Little time for introspection or retrospection.


Ami said...

When I read your blog I always wonder how you keep up with everything.

Getting the braces off is a wonderful thing. :)

Lyssa's came off in August. Her teeth look great and she's happy that we did it, even though she said she wasn't happy about it the entire time they were on.

Matt's come off in June. Just before he turns 22. He thanks me all the time for getting them for him.

Tara said...

Your take on Heidi made me smile.
Wow. Impressive week. I too, am blown away by how much you do. Three dance sessions a week and I am done for. I couldn't imagine adding swimming and archery. Rock on with your bad selves.