Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been enjoying the Trellis baby sweater I've been knitting for the auction . Love the color! The yarn is so squishy! The pattern is so cute!

And ... there's a wonking huge mistake that must be corrected by ripping a bunch out and having a massive do-over (as opposed to the type of mistake that can be glossed over with judicious increases and/or decreases, application of steam, use of sewing needle and thread, or other low key fiddling around). Which would mean spending the next day or so re-knitting it.

I stared at it for about a minute, pondered the fact that no one asked me to knit this, no one has any expectations about this sweater. And there are other things I'd rather be doing right now, frankly.

So it has been set aside. Instead, I've been making Latin flashcards, reading a library book, and trying to take pictures of the falling snow (because it's snowing in April!). AnnaBeth pointed out that someday I can finish Trellis at a leisurely pace and donate it to a charity. Which was my intention for it anyway.

Now that I have freedom to start a new knitting project, what next?

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Tara said...

I love your solution here. Sometimes it's best to just set it aside and move on until you have the desire to come back (although I don't like to do this a lot with homeschool, at 13 setting aside is easy but coming back without a timeframe can be much harder).
Enjoy the snowflakes? :-)