Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Thalia is working on a skirt for Easter:

It will have an underskirt made of eyelet. New things she's done so far: interfacing and topstitching. New things still to come: invisible zipper, the whole "underskirt" concept. Also, we had a brief lesson in what to do when you break off the prong of the iron's plug in the outlet (which is sort of an inauspicious beginning to a sewing project, but she has forged ahead none the less).

As for me, I'm taking the yarn recovered from deciding to ditch Trellis, and started Hey, Teach for myself:

It's wonderfully mindless stockinette stitch at the beginning. Which is good, since one of our family Easter traditions is that I get sick for the holiday. This year I'm mixing it up a little and doing a stomach virus instead of the usual sinus thing. Either way, "mindless" is the preferred mode this week, as is the feeling that I'm accomplishing something even when I'm just sort of staring out into space while droning through 8 inches of plain ol' knits and purls, interrupted only to answer questions about sparks flying out of electrical outlets, what is this thing called "interfacing", why do these 2 curved pieces appear to be different sizes, is it okay if this piece is cut out 3 degrees off of the grainline (which I pointed out was an incredibly nerdy way to ask that, and indicates way too much math is going on here), etc. etc.


mermaids said...

beautiful skirt! hope you are feeling better soon. it is my tradition to get sick over winter break. :)

kitten said...

You & yours are so talented. I wish I had more time with KB> Even if I did, I don't have a sewing machine at this time. I let my brother borrow it and since it has come home it don't work. Hopefully I can get a new sewing machine before to long!