Monday, April 13, 2009

Ottobre skirt

From issue 2/2006, skirt number 9. Made in some sort of quilting cotton from Hancock's. The underskirt is an eyelet with a border (that isn't what the pattern called for -- the underskirt is supposed to be batiste and then have an eyelet trim sewn on).

She's wearing a yellow tank top and white sweater with it, by the way -- that yellow bit in the photo isn't part of the waistband.

It took nearly a week to make this. Her previous garment sewing experience was 1 elastic waist Kwik Sew skirt that had 3 tiers (involved gathering ruffles, in other words) and 1 pair of capri pajama pants from Kwik Sew. I have new insight into the often-asked question, "Can a beginner sew Ottobre patterns?" It really depends on the beginner's personality. Is this a person willing to puzzle things out, and decide what is an appropriate course of action? Does this person have access to books or people who can answer questions? Is it a person who can visualize from the written word?

Then again, you could sew many garments, and if you blindly follow directions without ever stopping to ponder "why" you do things a certain way, Ottobre could throw you for a loop. So could the need for diagrams.

Overall, I think she learned a lot, both about sewing and about tackling something that's a little bit difficult. And she's very pleased with the end result.

Younger sister is wearing a dress I made a couple of year ago. She still likes it and it still fits -- at least for the moment.


Ami said...

She did a wonderful job with the skirt!

And they both look so pretty.

km said...

Fabulous job on the skirt!

KPCL Girl said...

You're lucky to still have Hancock Fabrics. The east side of Indy is a wasteland of nail salons and tire stores. Cloth World is gone, So Fro is LONG gone, Hancock Fabrics is gone. The Greenfield Wal-Mart just recently gave up its sewing section (but not the yarn--go figure). We have a ratty little Joann's at Cherry Tree Plaza, but suddenly no longer get the Joann's ad in the east side Sunday paper. Makes me worry that we'll soon be going to Castleton for a spool of thread!

Tara said...

Thalia did a great job on her skirt, she looks beautiful in it. My congratulations to the seamstress.

kitten said...

Great job! Your girls are so beautiful and talented like their mom!