Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend we:

** Planted a large tree. Which I didn't get a picture of, partially because "large tree" pictures look sort of boring.

** Went to the Extravaganza. "Extravaganza" in this sense means "very long dance show during which you will sit on uncomfortable metal folding chairs".

There were beginner dancers who were confused about which way to exit the stage (so cute!), experienced dancers who were breathtakingly good, and everything in between.

This is Thalia before she slipped and fell (the stage was slick):

Not injured, though. Another girl fell and possibly fractured her wrist about 2 minutes later.

Pretty much every type of drama you could possibly have in a dance recital, in other words.

The entire ensemble:

Also, they were running a silent auction during the show and intermissions. Rick kept quite busy with that. We now own new stuff. AnnaBeth got a clip-on MP3 player that she just adores -- she has visions of loading dance music on it so she can practice dancing. Too bad the ear buds fall out when she starts leaping around too much.

** Got up early Sunday so Thalia could be at church by 8:30, since her choir was doing all the music -- prelude, offertory, special music. She looked a little dazed due to lack of sleep. Several of the other kids looked similarly dazed, though -- the youth group had an overnight party Friday night (Thalia skipped it, as she wanted to get some sleep at some point during the weekend), many are in Scouts and thus were involved in April Showers on Saturday after being up all night .... The sermon touched on the over-scheduled life many people lead. Appropriate. Heck, Thalia and AnnaBeth had to skip another party on Saturday night -- a really cool Scout shindig -- due to the dance show. It was a hopping weekend for kid-events for everyone I talked to.

** AnnaBeth went to a party on Sunday afternoon. She and a good friend were armed with cameras.

They got some really cute shots. Now I need to figure out email addresses and distribute them.


Tara said...

Glad Thalia wasn't hurt.
Your dance drama comment made me think of our last big show: two girls had the snaps on their costume bras snap during dress rehearsal – they went flying – and later one of the same girls started losing her pants. She may have embraced the lesson that it is important to test drive a new costume at home, in the privacy of your living room.

Gail said...

As far as I know, no one lost any costume parts. One girl got a whopping huge hole in her black tights, but otherwise everything appeared okay on stage. So I guess we didn't have all the drama possible.

ID costumes tend to be more along the lines of suits of armor. I'm trying to picture one flying off, and I think someone could be injured if that happened, what with all the stiffening.

Bridgett said...

Oh my goodness. Your girls go to the same irish dance school mine do. And you knit. I'll have to look for you sometime!

My younger daughter Maeve was the last dancer introduced at the finale there in the picture, the little one who put one shoulder up and grinned like she was the star of the show.

I've read through some of your ID posts and they make me feel better (that, basically, everyone starts out as clueless as I am...).