Friday, April 10, 2009

Slices of Life

If I twittered (which I don't) this is the sort of thing you'd have seen in the past day:

Morning -- AnnaBeth and Thalia have been listening to Ballet Shoes on CD. AnnaBeth is now wearing her hair in a chignon at the nape of her neck, and declares that she wants to take ballet lessons. In between school lessons she retreats to the couch to read our copy of DK Ballet Superguide.

Noon -- I can eat food! Woohoo! First time in days I've felt hungry and/or haven't felt sick after eating something.

Afternoon -- Thalia is working on her skirt. AnnaBeth is reading a Sister's Grimm book aloud to her. Thalia tells me in an aside that she thinks this should count for school for AnnaBeth (reading aloud well is really a skill that takes practice), but probably not for her (the book isn't adding anything to her edification, although she occasionally helps AnnaBeth with pronunciation -- for instance, "chasm" doesn't have a /ch/ as in "change").

Evening -- Rick is on the phone with a friend, kids are entertaining a bored cat with clicker training. The treat du jour is Purina One. The cat is very excited to earn the treats. Afterwards she goes behind the chair and noisily upchucks all of the Purina One.

Later evening -- Rick continues reading Percy Jackson Lightning Thief aloud to the kids.

Very late evening -- Phone rings with news about tornadoes in Arkansas. Wow.

Friday morning -- Zipper is in skirt, hem is begun, Sisters Grimm book is finished, Rick is on phone constantly about tornado damage, cat is asleep on couch.


Ami said...

I don't twitter either, although I do know a fair number of Twits.
Does that count?

Snickering about the cat yarking up the treats. I'm sorry, but it's just one more reason I won't have a cat. Ever.

km said...

Our cat always hides somewhere to barf. The worst is behind the TV. We almost have to send in a kid to clean's such a small space and the TV is heavy.

Wow...the tornadoes. I hadn't seen the news yet. Do you have friends/family there?

kitten said...

When I was younger (like 9)I wanted to take ballet lessons. When I was about 11-16 I wanted to just take dance and gymnastics.
I'm glad you are felling better!
You live that close to me? On the map Arkansas is up on the left of us on the side. I live in the upper NE of Mississippi.
Sounds like you have some good days there. I don't twitter either. Sometimes I wished I did to stay close to blog land friends, but don't have the time!
Hope you and yours have a very Happy Easter!