Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just So You Know

The time spent babysitting the 3 year old went okay. He was here for 3 hours, and overall had an okay time playing on our myriad bikes (wow, we have a lot of tiny bikes and trikes our kids have outgrown and we should get rid of). He sort of fell to pieces at one point. That was soon after the arrival of the girls from dance class -- 7 girls dressed alike, with long hair in ponytails, all chattering away and carrying on like a bunch of 9-11 year old girls -- enough to startle anyone, I'm sure, let alone a small child whose life is in upheaval. And, in the meantime, the parent didn't get into some big fight with the people in the house, although somehow they still have to go back and get clothes. I don't get how that happened, and I'm probably never going to understand just what's going on with all of this. I'm mentally putting a lot of this down to "cultural differences", since the parties involved are from overseas. Maybe this is just how people treat each other in their culture.

I paid for the Graham feis entries, although they seem to have extended the deadline to August 28th.

I found the Summer Read form, and turned it in at the library.

Also at the library I found an interesting book on crochet which showed a different way to do the foundation chain. Which I'm counting as "working on the crochet collars". So even though I haven't even picked up a hook, I've made progress there.

I stayed awake all day. No nap. Sigh. Thalia wanted to go to the mall to look at clothes. I mostly pointed out clothing that I had owned in previous decades. Thalia was in search of leggings; do you know how many pairs of leggings I threw out years ago?

Still need to RSVP that party. And people keep sending me emails about Girl Scout related stuff, apparently thinking that I'm organizing some things. And I had a cunning plan to sign Thalia and Annabeth up for theatre classes, thus luring them away from all the dance classes. But I haven't felt like I can have a coherent phone conversation with anyone, so none of these things are happening. Yet.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your groove returns soon.
Nice of you to help out and watch the little one. And to make more dance collars.
Take care!