Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Okay, first things first. The camera was dropped on the floor while it was turned on -- in other words, while the lens was out. Which means it now has the dreaded "lens error" message. Which translates as "time to go buy a new camera because the pins have been knocked out of place and that's a really expensive repair".

So, the only camera I have available to show you how far I've gotten with the new collar is the camera on the computer.

which sort of lacks.

Oh, hey, I wonder what would happen if I put the collar on and stood really close to the computer.

I think I'll be spending some time today looking over camera reviews. And crocheting.


km said...

I have a G9 that's about 2 years old. I still LOVE it. I hear the G10 is better yet. (Cannon)

the inadvertent farmer said...

I must admit an excuse to buy a new camera always gets me excited...oh there are so many, many to choose from! Kim