Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Here's what I'm sitting around staring at this morning. I'm supposed to take this collar (which is off of a Ladies Solo Dress):

and make something like it, but in white, no metallic thread, no jewels (I think they'll be gluing on crystals) and with a v-bottom. Something more like this:

But with these stitches:

I've decided to work with size 3 cotton this time (the regular dress collars use size 10, which is finer).

And I discovered a cool technique for making the foundation row -- instead of chaining a row and then using single crochet to give it some body, you do the chain and the single crochet all at the same time. There's an incredibly detailed tutorial on this technique here. My understanding is that this can also be used with other stitches, like double crochet, etc. Anyway, this is great news for me because I really hate chaining out all of those tiny little stitches, trying to keep track of them, trying to keep them loose enough so that when I go back and single crochet through them they don't pull up all wonky.

My first try:

Some uneven stitches, but overall I think it's working out okay.

While I was working on this Thalia and a friend were watching Twilight with the sound on LOUD, so now that's sort of stitched into it -- every time I pick it up I think of the vampires burning James in the ballet studio, jumping around like a bunch of 5 year olds on a camp out. Or some other equally silly scene. You other crafty types know what I mean about it being "in the stitches" now. But I'm not sure what to watch next while I work on this -- what really "goes" with Twilight? And will watching this sort of thing turn the collars a little too goth?

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Bridgett said...

I totally know what you mean. I have quilts that are made out of Law and Order reruns, for instance.