Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Weekend So Far

Along with several hundred other people,

we went to the Fabulous Fox

to see Mary Poppins.

We went with Aunt Linda. And sat in the Fox Club (although I think other seats would've been better for this show -- the balcony overhang made it hard to see a couple of the special moments).

Aunt Linda had her iPhone with her, so most of the pictures of the day are on that, as she let Annabeth use it. Annabeth took pictures of everything -- the pink lemonade they were drinking beforehand, all of us sitting around the table, the theatre. On the way out she took dozens more pictures of houses along Lindell and then people walking around Delmar, where we went to the mecca of

Fitz's to wallow in root beer (Annabeth's favorite drink). We had supper there, and discussed what we liked about the show.

And it was tough to say what was THE favorite -- there are so many good parts! The statues, the chimney sweeps, the trip to Mrs. Corry's gingerbread shop, what the various actors brought to their parts, the sets (I was enchanted by the scrims used in the park scene -- nerdy but true). The show will be here another week -- we highly recommend it!

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Bridgett said...

When the scene in the park with the statues happened, Maeve on my lap shivered as they changed. It was awesome.