Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Action Shots

Thalia using her Heritage BuckEye recurve, with snazzy new carbon arrows:

I'm trying to line up some lessons so she can work on form. Also, this is lethal (it's a 30 lb. bow, for pete's sake), so the more safety lessons the better.

The bowstring is missing that little metal doodad that makes it easy to place the arrow correctly (and, yes, that's exactly how I talk in the archery department, and the salespeople are some impressed, I'm sure), so we need to go back again to get that:

Edited to add: Aha! That little doodad is the nock! And we can make one out of string. And we can also engage in long, tedious discussions about the pros and cons of a brass nock vs. a string nock; and we can also discuss what we use for the string nock.


kitten said...

Great pics and bow! My son learnt how to make re-curve bows in scouts. We have meaning to work in our schooling, but with mom being sick we haven't had the time to work it in.

Weaver said...

Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! I took archery in college and LOVED it. Of course, it did make me Archery Queen every summer when I worked at GS camp. I haven't seen a re-curve bow since that class but I've always held a secret little hope in my heart that maybe someday we'll get one. Good luck finding a class.