Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

Current contents of The Waiting Room Bag, carried to all events where I end up sitting around waiting for someone to get done with something:

FiFi is still hanging around. Actually I'm starting to enjoy knitting it now that it's nearing an end.

Another lace collar. The dance teacher asked me last week to make some more; I told her I'd give her this one at class tonight. I need to finish this last row and block it.

And, of course, Henle Latin. Don't leave home without it!

Not shown: Brownie Try-It book and some books on sign language. AnnaBeth and I are leading the next Brownie meeting, in which we'll earn the Senses Try-It. Right now we're learning the Girl Scout Promise in sign language so that we can teach it to the others.

So, if you were at the pool this week and saw a woman signing random words and phrases, then getting out a Latin book and puzzling over translations (sorely tempted to run to the side of the pool and yell to her young daughter "Sed is but, right?"), then putting that away in order to crochet lace for the remaining five minutes, well, that might have been me.

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