Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly Report -- Sept. 12

Voici des poires:

Les poires sont vertes.

Il y a combien de poires?

Voici trois poires.

Yes, indeed, we've made it into Unit 2 of Ecoutez, Parlez, and are able to discuss bowls of fruit. AnnaBeth says she's learning more from this program than she did with The Easy French. Yes and no. Ecoutez doesn't have the fun idiomatic phrases that The Easy French has, so we're not learning to to say things like ma petite chaud, which is a fun thing to say PLUS was used in a Star Trek Next Generation episode.

AnnaBeth also continues to plug away at First Language Lessons, diagramming command sentences. In Writing With Ease we are now striking out on our own, figuring out our own assignments. AnnaBeth was rather charmed with the examples in the book taken from 101 Dalmations, so we are continuing to use that book for our narrations, copywork, and dictation. We're also reading the entire book aloud.

RightStart math is now into fraction. Just a couple of weeks ago I had posted on the WellTrainedMind forum that we rarely use the wooden fraction board from RightStart; this week we've used it every day.

Thalia is back in the swing of using Lightning Lit 7th grade. She had set it aside while working on the intensive 10 weeks of Analytical Grammar, but has returned to it without a hitch.

This week she ran in to a problem with Life of Fred Algebra. When she asked me how to solve the equation I said, "You can email or call the author -- he's very accessible to kids working through the book." I even found his email and pulled up a blank, addressed email on the computer. But she managed to figure out the problem on her own anyway.

Read alouds continue to abound: The Little Duke, Our Island Story, Burgess Animal Book, The Tree in the Trail (dropped for a time since we had to return it to the library; we have another copy now), LIttle House on Rocky Ridge, 101 Dalmations, and probably some others that I'm forgetting.

And we had the general round of dance lessons, choir, swimming, and piano lessons.

Also, the week has been spent making plans for a Sleepover, and also general Birthday Preparations. Thalia has cleaned most of the house -- currently she's arguing with AnnaBeth about who has the privilege of vacuuming the family room. Thalia says she gets to because her birthday is coming up. I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

I also got the transmission on my car fixed, as well as that really annoying, somewhat ominous squeaky noise (a belt). And played airport shuttle a couple of times. And was asked to make 5 more crocheted collars for dance dresses, to be done in an unspecified length of time (there goes FiFi again...).


kitten said...

Sounds great! Glad your year is going well~

km said...

So, with the French, do you know enough to help the kids with pronunciation? Or...are they on their own? M & I both took French in that seems the easy language choice for us...but in CA everyone speaks Spanish.

Jenny said...

Choir started here this week, too, which brings us up to five days of outside activities per week. Most of the time, I don't even try to accomplish anything crafty. You have my admiration!